Android P detailed full features and launching date

Android P has begin firstly for developer use, but nextly few days that is available for his users. Just like surprise announcement of  Android Oreo in 2017, But in this year 2018 the Next update is Android P.  But still this update is only available for only few smartphones like: Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 3, Nexus 5X. Android P is also known as Android v9.0

Preview For Developer Side

If you are a developer who wants to move into Android P and update all the new features, and connect the new launched Android P developer preview. Developer preview is only available for the above phones like Pixel 2, Nexus 5X, Google Pixel XL etc. This preview of Android P is available in the last of May or June.

Features of Android v9.0:

  • More Secure: Android P has more secure than its Oreo update. this is not fully launched the google is still working on Android P.
  • Very Fast Browsing: This will increase your smartphones speed and fast processing through the browsers like Chrome or others.
  • New Notifications Panel: In this update their is new notification panel as comparison to Android Oreo. the google is still working on Android P has launching its new features.
  • Android P Notch: In the case of Iphone-X the new notch feature is available then the Android P has also launches its new Notch in its latest Android v9.0

Android P Release Date

Google has working still in the Android P or v9.0 but that are launched its full version in last of 2018, But the Google launches its preview in the month of August 2018. Then in the last month the Android P has officially launched.

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