How to Block Any Website/Word in Google Chrome

How to Block Any Website/Word in Google Chrome

Hello friends, Today I am going to describe about how to block any website in Google chrome.

Everyone have siblings who using your PC or we can say sometimes guest come to your home and access your internet and say to you I want to open my Facebook account, YouTube like that. In the exam time your  younger brother or sister may be using your pc and accessing Facebook, YouTube instead of read the books and wasting our time. In that time this trick may be amazing for them using blocck of website or specific word. You can stop anyone to use your laptop or PC. Let’s start how to work this trick.

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Follow these Step one by one

  1.  Open chrome browser
  2.  Click on setting --> more tools-->Extensions
  3.  Scroll to bottom and click get more extension
  4.  Open the search bar and type block site
  5.  You will see now extension block site and click on add to chrome
  6.  After install this extension on the right top corner you will see icon.
  7.  Click on icon and then options
  8.  Type any website or word you want to block.


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