Facebook new feature Snooze or Mute Notification

The new feature will add in the facebook is “Snooze“. This feature will works like a Mute notifications in the whatsapp they will not show any notifications. This feature will not show any notification to the other people they will see the message or not.

This weekend the Snooze will come for the peoples to (permanently or temporary) unfollowing, unliking or unfriending things on Facebook while still giving them control over what they see. Facebook benefits from you maintaining a dense social network, whether for ad targeting or just surfacing an important life update from a distant acquaintance. No one knows you’ve done it, and after the Snooze period is over everything goes back to normal, so you don’t have to remember to fix it.

How to use Snooze Feature:

Step1: Firstly you will click on three dots.

Image: Facebook

Step2: Then you want to choose number of days you will snooze or mute other people.

Image: Facebook

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