Here are the Guidelines For Choosing An Appropriate SD Card

SD Card is used to store any type of data like files, pictures, videos etc. The SD Card is used in mobiles, cameras etc. SD Card is mainly used for storing data. Every class of SD Card has a different Prices. Now I am going to tell you about the difference between classes.

SD Card has different Categories:

  1. SD

The Storage power of simple SD Card is about 4 GB.

  1. SD HC(high capacity)

Storage capacity of SD HC Card is 4 GB to 32 GB.

  1. SD XC(extended capacity)

Storage capacity of SD XC Card is 32 GB to 2 TB. This type of SD Card are used very rarely.

Different classes of SD Cards have different speed:

Class 2 Transfer Speed 2 MB/S
Class 4 Transfer Speed 4 MB/S
Class 6 Transfer Speed 6 MB/S
Class 8 Transfer Speed 8 MB/S
Class 10 Transfer Speed 10 MB/S
Class UHS-1, UHS-3 Transfer Speed for both 320 MB/S


Here are the Guidelines, how can you

choose SD Card according to your


#1: If you want to store some data like pictures, movies and videos then SD Card of class 4 and above classes.

#2: For HD recording of videos SD Card of class 6 is appropriate for you. If we use low quality SD Card for HD recordings then some clips of your video will be lost.

#3: For 4K recording we can use class Ultra High Speed(UHS-1&UHS-3) SD Card is preferable.

If you want to use your SD Card in your  simple Camera for the recording of videos and photos then SD Card of class 6 is good.
If you want to move your Apps from internal storage to SD Card then SD Card of class 10 is preferable. Because there speed of transferring data is very fast. If you can use low class of SD Card takes a lot of time for opening your Apps.

These steps will be helpful for you when you will go to purchase a new SD Card.

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