How To Create Invisible Folder In your PC

You can create invisible folder in your system by using these steps:

  • Firstly you create a folder on your desktop or in any other drive.
  • Next you will go to start menu and search character map.
  • In the  above picture like character map folder will be open, In this you can select blank box and then click on select and then click on copy option.
  • Next you will go to that folder that you want  to hide from your desktop.
  • Then Right click on the folder that you want to hide and then click on rename option and press Ctrl + V or paste button.
  • Then again right click on that folder that you want to hide and go to properties.
  • In the properties of that folder you can click on the customize option.
  • Then click on change icon option & select again blank option.
  • Then apply the changes & Press ok button.

Then you can see the folder will be hidden from your desktop. Now it is not visible to anyone. After that if you want to see your hidden folder again then left click on the screen and select the screen. Then you will be able to see that hidden folder.

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