How to Stop windows 10 automatic updates

Windows10 updates are available version by version: If you are not interested to update your PC/Laptop  window then read this article.

I will provide you two methods to stop update of Windows 10:

Method 1: To Stop windows 10 update

Step1: You will go to the search option and type Services or You will open run command and type services.msc 

Step2: Then the list of services are open in front of your screen.

Step3: Then go to Windows Update option.

Step4: Click on the disable option.

Step5: Then click on Apply and then press OK.

This type of windows 10 disable will work properly if every time you will connect your PC to internet then check it firstly that window  is disable to update, if their is manual then select firstly disable option then working etc.

Method 2: Setup Metered Connection

Step1: Firstly go to the Settings of your PC.

Step2: Then click on Network and Sharing option.

Step3: Click on WIFI

Step4: Then Click on Advance Options.

Step5: Then turn ON the Metered connection.

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