OK Google Chat On WhatsApp Without Coming Online/without Updating Last Seen

Hello friends, Today I am gonna to show you How To Chat On WhatsApp send voice Without Coming Online/without Updating Last Seen. You can chat with someone without showing online. It’s  amazing  trick who don’t want show online on WhatsApp. This trick is very helpful for you if you have 2 more girlfriends/boyfriends. Lets start how to hide last seen or online on whatsApp.

WhatsApp message to your friends by voice 


Step 1: Open google voice search app or install it from google play store

The new smartphone this feature will automatic install But if you have old one then you can install from google play store.

voice search

voice search

Step 2: click on and speak send WhatsApp message to Mahesh

now open this app you will see icon for voice search either you can search by typing it upon you.


step 3 : Type a message whatever above i mention Hello to Mahesh

whatever you mention name during search there will show and type a message .

step 4: click on send icon

whats app

whats app

last step is send a message .

your message will delivered without showing online and last seen . Follow this step and send a message . Open to another whats app where you seen this message and see last seen there is always show offline but message will delivered.

whatsApp send voice

Thank you

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