Latest Changes in Apple Devices 2017

Apple makes certain changes that makes more attractive than previous year.

It has released a new range of tablet devices, it will release a new operating system to devices. This operating system is very useful in iPad.

Apple’s ios 11 have provide multi tasking features and different ways to manage devices. It will also provide Apple Pencil will to become more comfortable with the devices & easy to access the every function.

Some important changes are

  • A New App Store

Apple has totally change their app store, where the users can find contents and latest apps easily. They will provide the changes only to attract the more peoples for purchasing more products. They will provide more attractive games to their playstore.

  • New Control Centre

Apple provide more security to their controlling centre. It will provide the control features like brightness and volume adjustment, as well as buttons for flashlight and calculators. It will also provide mobile data on or off option will be added in control centre.

  • Drag and Drop feature

In ios 11 apple will provide drag and drop feature. You will also be able to drag and drop files between apps that are running simultaneously in split screen mode. You can drag and drop pictures to messages send to your friend.

  • Do Not Disturb While Driving

This is the new feature of apple iphone ever. This is present rarely in other smartphones. This feature is automatically detect the person in a car and block notifications while the person will drive.

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