Lionel Messi: “The 100 million Euro man Contract with Barcelona”

Saturday morning Messi commits him to Camp Nou through the 2020-21 season when he is 34-years old. His previous deal was set to expire at the end of this current season. In July, the club had announced an agreement was in the works, but it took four months for the Argentine superstar to agree to financial terms. Had Messi not signed, he would have been free to listen to offers from other teams on Jan 1.

According to the report, Messi is guaranteed around 70 million euros a year in salary and image rights with more coming from a 63.5 million euro signing bonus and 70 million euro “loyalty bonus” for the period of the contract which stretches to 2021.

The mind-boggling deal, revealed as part of “Football Leaks” was to offset an approach for the Argentine from great rivals Real Madrid.

Messi owes Neymar a bit of thanks for his latest deal. By the time Messi’s new deal expires, the 30-year-old striker will have spent 17 years with the first team. Per Forbes calculations, he has already made $530 million in earnings (salary, bonus and endorsements) since the start of his professional career, and could see that swell to $875 million by contract’s end. Messi’s brand value is estimated at $13.5 million, No. 9 in the world among athletes on our annual Forbs Fab 40 list of the world’s most valuable sports brands.

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