Some of these smartphone companies that will support firstly Android O or v8.0

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • HTC
  • Moto g
  • Google Pixls

After the big successes of Android 7.0(Nougat) and the Next version of Android v8.0 will come in August or September.

Features of Android 8.0 are:

1: Powered by android on boot screen

After your smartphone got the update of Android 8.0 firstly you will boot your phone properly. Then the dialog box will open and get the update. At last your phone will show New Android 8.0, at last or below in the page your phone will show “Powered by Android”.

2: New Emojis are included

In this Android update the Android will show new emojis in your phone. You can send these emojis to other friends via different apps like whatsapp, instagram or others.

3: Audio features

In this android their will very high version of sending audio files through bluetooth. Firstly this Android provide the higher version of Bluetooth otherwise not other android will provide this feature.

 4: Unknown Sources not install softwares

In this Android they will provide new feature Android 8.0 there is no unknown Sources that have to enable before installing the app. In this android you have to make trust apps from this source enable. The new feature is that you can download the app and you can check your app is properly working or not with the help of Google Chrome.

5: Battery option

In this android the brightness and battery saver option has shifted from the top for easy access. In this android 8.0 is coming with new feature of battery was used by mobile networking scanning and phone’s display.

6: Multi Display Support

Google is promising some kind of multi display support for launching an activity of a remote display. Chrome operating system is more and more friendly with android.

7: Adaptive Icons

The android O’s icon is very different from other Android versions like Nougat. Their shape is like circle, rounded square.

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