New report claims iPhone 8 won’t feature fingerprint sensor in display

iPhone 8 won’t feature fingerprint!!!!!

The report doesn’t specify if the Touch ID scanner will be included in the back of the display or possibly the side power button. It’s not entirely clear if Touch ID will be excluded entirely from the next iPhone instead settling for its facial scanner as its primary security feature.

He claims that mounting the fingerprint reader at the rear side should not have any impact on the consumers’ purchasing decision.

One says that Apple will follow conventional logic and simply place the fingerprint reader on the back of the device, and the other that claims that …

Kuo’s latest claims directly conflict with an earlier report that Apple figured out how to embed the fingerprint scanner into the display back in May. The report stated Apple has experienced a breakthrough and was intending to include Touch ID inside the display. As for which one is correct, we’ll have to wait until Apple unveils the phone to truly confirm.

Among Kuo’s other claims is that the iPhone 8 will feature the “highest screen-to-body ration” out of any smartphone out in the market right, it will be available in fewer color options and come with either 64GB and 256GB of storage.

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