Top 5 Best Browsers For Android 2018

Top 5 Android Browsers:

A web browser (commonly known as browser) is a software application for presenting, retrieving and traversing information resources across the World Wide Web (WWW). Information resource is identified by a uniform resource locator (URL) and maybe a web page, image or other content. But most of the people usually use their devices for surfing internet. A web browser is basically used for surfing internet, downloading music, videos, pictures etc.

#1: UC Browser

UC browser is a mobile browser. It is available on several smartphone and feature phone platforms, but Android mobile operating system represents the largest user base for company, with 280 million of its 500 million total. In this browser you can open any type of website and download pictures, videos, films, games or any other information. It provides an inbuilt feature of UC music, UC video player. It has many features like  speed mode, tab management, custom themes, add ons, gestures, night mode, Facebook notifications, bookmarks, UC drive, cloud download, UC widget etc.

Download: UC Browser-Fast download


#2: CM Browser

CM Browser is very powerful browser, this browser provides fast access of internet. Although there’s a huge array of browsers out there to use on your Android device, the majority of users use the one included by the manufacturer, missing out on real wonders such as CM Browser, developed by creators of the famous cleaner tool Clean Master. Besides its ridiculously small size, it has an easy-to-use browsing interface, a high page-download speed, and an integrated malware protection system.

DownloadCM Browser


#3: Chrome

Google Chrome is most powerful browser for Android and PC. It is the one of most downloaded browser on play store. As the name suggests it is developed by google and is a very powerful browser. The new material design is just simply wonderfull and the navigation, transaction makes it best browser. And this browser is update is available after 5-7 days, which makes more  better than other browsers. It has features like one click sync across various devices, supports HTML5, voice search, privacy features like incognito, do not track. Now on many devices Chrome comes pre-installed, otherwise not installed then installing of Google Chrome is very easy.

Download: Google Chrome


#4: FireFox

Firefox is the one of best browser not only  for Android but also for PC. The firefox supports coll add-ons and it the one of few browsers which supports flash. It has awesome speed with added new security feature makes it stand in the list of best browsers.

Download: Mozilla Firefox


#5: Opera

Opera is one of the oldest browsers for  java phones and smartphones. The   another best browser is Opera which is small  in size and consumes a little RAM and less battery. Opera is simply a fast processing browser. Now the recent update makes it more attractive with all new interface and improved speed.  Private browsing, sync bookmarks with PC and device, download manager, compress images and videos for faster speed are its main features.

Download: Opera Browser

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