How to transfer the WhatsApp Chats to new devices: Simple Steps

WhatsApp is a freeware and different platform chatting for smartphones. This is the most popular app for all the users. But if you have buy a new smartphone and transfer your account, but don’t you have not copy your message from one to another in old update. But in the new update this becomes possible.

Then i will provide steps how to store your data in new device:

Google Drive Backup and Restore your data:

In the new updates or newer whatsApp versions will automatically provide to save your data in Google Drive.

  • Firstly  you will open whatsApp then click on the three dots that are provided in top right of your smartphone screen.
  • Then click on the Settings=>>Chats and Calls=>>Chat Backup.

  • Then you will open Chat backup option dialog box like this

  • Then you will select the option you will have to save or backup your data daily or monthly.
  • Then Install WhatsApp on new smartphone but don’t open the app-
  • Then you will connect your smartphone to pc via USB Data Cable. Because you have already downloaded whatsApp into new device, the folder whatsApp will exist. If not, you can manually create a new databases folder in the WhatsApp Folder.

  • Then copy your conversation backup into this folder.
  • Now you will open your whatsApp in your new handset and verify your account via phone number. Next you will get a notification that your backup is found. Then tap restore and done. After 5 seconds  your messages is restored in new whatsApp in new handset.

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