Using Paytm! Now send postcards, texts along with money

The Paytm app is out with its updated versions, both on Android and iOS. The app’s version 5.10.0 update on Android and version 5.11.3 on iOS is not just any ordinary update but comes along with an added feature of sending post cards to other users.

Sending money directly to your phonebook contacts was one recently added feature, which is now joined by sending personalized text messages and postcards. Besides, the company also added ‘Paytm automatic’ option, which automatically refills your Paytm wallet without you having to intervene.

The sent postcards and the amount with it is however completely refundable if the recipient fails to accept it within a time period of 10 days.

Apart from customization options and the postcards, Paytm automatic offers you to set a particular amount as the minimum balance for the wallet, and refills it whenever the amount drops below the ‘specified amount’. Given that the balance reaches beyond the monthly usage limit, the amount will be added after a month instead of adding up once a day.

Currently,the perks of the automatic feature can only be availed by the Android users.

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