WhatsApp update comes on iOS automatic album photo filters Quick Reply

whatsApp update comes on iOS automatic album photo filters Quick Reply

THe Main feature following below

whatsApp comes with a new features in an update today for iOS, adding photo filters, automatic albums in chats, and the ability to send quick replies to messages. Whenever you send or receive two or more photos or videos in whatsApp, the latest update will automatically group them together as an album also you will see multiple photos .You will  be able to tap into the album to view every item that was sent by the user.

There are five Filters including Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film are being offered. WhatsApp will add new filters in the future. Last time around whatsAp borrowed the status feature from Snapchat everyone know about that and the filter feature update is pretty much the same that is on the Instagram.This is not good feature as compare to previous one said by people. Whatspp again launch the previous feature of the status.

Making it quicker to reply, the update also sees the addition of a new Reply Shortcut feature. Swiping right on any message means you’ll be able to quickly jump in and start typing a message reply.

The new features will only be available for whatsApp on iOS and probably the Android launch will Soon.

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